Alfie’s good for 1 more year: Fans

Sens fans are hoping Alfie will be around for another Game 7.

“Like, he’s doing too good to quit,” said Maxime Boivin, 15, from Aylmer.

The New York Rangers eliminated the Senators 2-1 in the deciding game in Round 1 of the playoffs Thursday night.

“I was very disappointed. I stopped watching it when I saw they were losing … I was sad,” said Boivin, strolling with friends in the Byward Market Friday.

It was possibly Daniel Alfredsson’s last game as a Sen.

“I’ve been a Sens fan since Day 1 and Alfie has certainly been the leader for the team. He’s done great things for our city as well, and I’d hate to see him not be part of the organization,” said Justin Nadeau of Westboro.

“So if he doesn’t play anymore, I’d like to see him be part of the team in some way or function.”

Nepean resident Ken Grosser thinks Alfie will be in uniform come October.

“I think that he’ll pull it through one more year,” said Grosser.

Alfredsson is turning 40 on Dec. 11.

“Forty’s not that old. Biggest thing (is) he has to stay off the injured list. It’s easy to play half a season, so he could still contribute to the Sens,” said Leafs fan Rob Stadnisky.

“They need all the help they can get. So any 40-year-old looks good on the Sens.”

Mayor Jim Watson is making good on his bet with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“I think it was a very gutsy performance by the team and I would’ve preferred to be eating Michael Bloomberg’s special Long Island cheesecake, but I’m hoping he can enjoy the delicacy we know as a BeaverTail,” said Watson.

He’s arranging to deliver a variety of pastries in person in the next few weeks.

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