Heartbroken Sens fans still proud

Fans on Sens Mile are heartbroken, but still proud of their team’s stunning playoff run.

“Go Sens go,” chanted fans on the patio at St. Louis Bar & Grill, giving a standing ovation in the closing seconds of Game 7 Thursday night.

The New York Rangers eliminated the Senators 2-1 in a nail-biter at Madison Square Garden.

“It’s still fun. It’s a lot more exciting this way,” said Alex Carmanico from Stittsville.

“I figured downtown would be the spot.”

It was.

Fans poured into bars along Elgin St., where the mood was downright electric.

“During the (Sens) ’07 run, I was living in Peterborough so I didn’t get to come down, so I’m here now,” said Darcy Whyte of Orléans.

Rain and chilly temperatures didn’t keep Sens Army at bay.

The Sens, seeded 8th, did the unthinkable, forcing the top-ranked Rangers to Game 7 on their home turf, where they’ve never lost.

Prior to Thursday’s defeat, the Senators had never won a Game 7.

Their record is now 0-5.

But Sens faithful are just that.

“I’ve been a fan since day one…I’m not going to lie. I’m a bit of a bandwagon (fan),” said Jamie Kingsbury from south Ottawa.

“I jump on when they’re doing well in the playoffs. But all year round, I’m a Sens fan.”

While the Sens won’t see another round, fans will.

“They’re going to make a hell of a lot of money on beer sales tonight, a lot of cash. We’re going to drown our sorrows in the loss,” said Kingsbury, chuckling.

Police were present on Elgin St. Thursday night, though the mood was relatively quiet immediately following the game.

Until Thursday, the Sens fared well on the road, winning Games 2 and 5 at MSG.

“I’m going to cry deeply and drink my sorrow,” said Orléans resident Frederick Cote.

“It’s good for the economy.”

The Rangers’ face the Washington Capitals next.




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