Park & Ride at The Bank gets spruced up

Improvements to OC Transpo service at the Scotiabank Place Park & Ride begin in June to help with overcrowding at west end urban lots.

That’s because drivers are getting ticketed like crazy at full stations such as Eagleson East.

“If you can’t get to the Park & Ride ’til 9 o’clock we can’t reserve a spot for you, unless you’re one of those gold pass holders,” said Kanata South Coun. Allan Hubley.

“Then you pay to have it reserved.”

Hubley is encouraging residents who commute downtown each day to try the terminal at the arena.

“It’s there, use it,” said Hubley.

Most riders park at Eagleson or Terry Fox stations for free — in theory.

In January and February of this year $1,625 in gross revenue has been collected by the city from 39 tickets issued at Eagleson West, 28 of which have been paid, according to an Access to Information request made by the Sun. In 2011, Eagleson West rounded out the top five earning lots for the city, after Eagleson East ($33,708.75), Baseline ($30,083.75), Place D’Orleans ($16,214.20), and Trim ($9,548.25).

With 136 out of 165 tickets being squared up, $7,465.50 went to the city.

Drivers could avoid tickets altogether, now that Scotiabank Place terminal is operating.

The Park & Ride at the north lot, off Huntmar Dr. and Cyclone Taylor Blvd., holds 100 cars.

“We have the availability that if we max out the spots over there, we can get more spots,” said Hubley.

He teamed up with Stittsville Coun. Shad Qadri, who has been working on the issue for quite awhile, to find a solution for parking in the west end.

At the arena, commuters can park between 5:45 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. and catch a direct bus downtown.

Two express routes, 261 and 263, currently provide 10 trips “on request.”

“Right now, it’s ‘you pick up the phone and the bus will come get you’,” said Hubley.

“So it’s a different kind of Park & Ride, in the sense that, you know, the buses aren’t flying through there on a regular basis.”

New changes in June could see two additional routes redirected from Stittsville and Kanata.

By September, “it should be a fully functioning Park & Ride over there, if people are using it,” said Hubley, adding it’s tied to the new eastbound on-ramp from Scotiabank Place to Hwy. 417.

“If nobody’s going to go to it, we’re not going to make the investments in the routes into it.”

For riders in the east end, “construction on the expansion of the Trim Rd. Park & Ride lot will begin this year with completion by fall 2012,” said transit security chief Kim Weston-Martin.

“The Trim Rd. Park & Ride lot will see an increase of approximately 380 spaces.”




-Press the call button on the request stop pole at the terminal platform

-This sends a signal to the next bus to serve the Park & Ride lot

-The green light near the top of the pole will light up to confirm the signal is working

– For the return trip, ring the bell after the bus has passed the bus stop on Palladium Dr. at the Auto Park entrance

Source: OC Transpo–ride-at-the-bank-gets-spruced-up

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