Keep your feet to yourself or it’ll cost you

Putting your feet up could cost $125 if you’re caught resting those tired tootsies on a city bus seat or seat-back.

Same goes for leaving that burrito wrapper behind instead of using the trash can near the front door.

And no double-fisting transfers, either.

Those are three examples of the 120 offences listed under public transit bylaw 2007-268.

In 2011 there were 5,334 provincial offence notices issued by OC Transpo with set fines of either $125 or $500, depending on the deed.

That’s down significantly from 2010 when 9,097 infractions were laid.

In 2009, by comparison, there were just 3,792 while 2008 saw 4,867 notices written.

Fare inspectors and transit special constables make up the two enforcement units of transit law.

Both riders and drivers are subject to charges.

Transit special constables are designated peace officers who enforce the Criminal Code of Canada, the Controlled Drug and Substances Act, the Liquor License Act, the Trespass to Property Act, and the Safe Streets Act on all transit vehicles and property.

Fare inspectors have authority to enforce municipal bylaws.

Some of the offences range from the obvious, such as failing to pay the fare, while others aren’t so well known.

If you have $125 to waste, try boarding a bus wearing ice skates, or go roller-blading, skateboarding, or cycling in a park and ride lot to see if you’ll get away with it.

Failing to wear a shirt or shoes, spitting, smoking, urinating, defecating, videotaping, or showing off your potty mouth on transit property will also do the trick.

Allowing or causing an animal to wander onto Transitway property or interfere with the operation of a vehicle could also set you back $125.

So could interfering or blocking the detection sensors for vehicle doors.

If you prefer entering and exiting through windows, channel Spiderman when you’re at home — it’s a $500 fine for boarding or leaving a bus except by using appropriately identified doors.

Removing an item from a vehicle or station, or trying to handle equipment have the same penalty.

Drivers who tailgate, operate a bus on the Transitway with an open door, are subject to a $125 fine.

Failing to report an accident or not yielding to police, fire or ambulance have a $500 price tag.




2011: 5,334

2010: 9,097

2009: 3,792

2008: 4,867

Total: 23,090

Source: City of Ottawa

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