Couple’s $50M lotto win official

It’s taken two months, but a Hawkesbury couple is finally getting their $50-million Lotto Max winnings.

Jo-Ann and Gaetan Champagne are to pick up their prize on Feb. 29 in Toronto.

The reality of the multimillion-dollar jackpot still hasn’t sunk in.

“I think when we get there and they hand us that (cheque) it will,” said Jo-Ann, 49.

“I can’t really wrap my head around it … it’s a lot of responsibility.”

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. has been investigating the “insider win” because the Hawkesbury couple recently owned a convenience store where lottery tickets are sold.

“I have no problem with that,” said Champagne, adding she thinks it’s “great” they’re being so thorough.

Their winning ticket was bought at a PharmaPrix drugstore the day after Christmas, and on New Year’s Eve they found out they were the chosen ones.

While Champagne and her husband, 51, wait it out, “we’re just carrying on,” she said.

That includes scrubbing dishes at their son Jon’s ’50s-style diner, Resto-Champagne.

“We’re just ordinary people,” she said.

They’ve been playing the lotto for 30 years, and “we just happened to get lucky.”

Becoming millionaires hasn’t changed their social schedule.

On Sunday, they went to a Knights of Columbus buffet, just like they do every third Sunday.

Some of the regulars were surprised to see them.

“We don’t want to change,” she said.

Besides, “It’s $5 a plate, all-you-can-eat.”

They intend to share some of the money with their local food bank.

“I’ve got lots of plans, but don’t want to spill the beans,” she said.

And she has no desire to flaunt her newfound wealth in designer duds.

Champagne was recently telling someone she’s planning a party in April for Gaetan’s 52nd birthday.

He told her he was going to buy a new outfit for the occasion.

Her response?

“You can get a new suit if you want to. I’m wearing jeans.”

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