Bus ticket to love

Spending $3.25 in bus fare could score you a hot date, spring fling, or even a life partner.

Riding OC Transpo isn’t just a means of getting around the city; plenty of buses abound.

Taking one just might land you in love.

Ask Alissa LaVecchia.

She had a bus pass and a guy made a pass at her.

She’ll never look at the Route 95 bus the same way.

Last November, LaVecchia was out with a friend, unleashing “anti-man” sentiments over drinks at a downtown bar.

They took their girl-power over to a nightclub and danced the night away.

When it was time to head home, they parted ways and LaVecchia boarded the 95 to Fallowfield station.

“I got on the bus, which was extremely busy and full of drunks,” said LaVecchia, 23.

“I stood at the very front window right by the bus driver, and kept to myself,” said LaVecchia.

She thought she had secluded herself “from any incident of a drunk Cupid attempting to sweep me off my feet. And that’s when it happened.”

LaVecchia had caught the eye of Nigel Monahan, also 23.

“I just told myself to go up and talk to her before I got off the bus,” said Monahan, who was riding with friends.

“I was looking for a girlfriend at the time.”

So he went for it.

“I’m like, ‘Hi, what are you doing on the bus all by yourself?’”

They began chatting about school, work, and hobbies.

“We lost track of time, so I missed my stop,” said Monahan, who was supposed to exit along Woodroffe Ave.

LaVecchia went with her instinct and asked for his number.

They exchanged digits and he got off the bus.

The pair texted for a week, then went out.

On their first date, they played mini-golf, saw a movie, then had drinks.

“I knew on the first date that I loved him,” said LaVecchia.

The couple now lives together in Barrhaven.

“It’s a cute story. Everybody seems to get a kick out of it,” she said.

LaVecchia told her friend how she wound up with a boyfriend after meeting him that very night.

“We just thought that it was so ironic. I was totally bashing guys,” she said.

Since that chance encounter, “we haven’t taken the bus,” said Monahan.



Whether you take OC Transpo once a year or wear that monthly pass out, there’s always the possibility of love, or lust. Here’s a sample of notes posted on Craigslist since February 7.

  • “I waited with you for the 151 one night not too long ago (I helped you with your groceries). We chatted on the bus, you aspire to become an accountant. Your stop came just before I was able to give you my number. I’d like to talk to you more.” (Nepean)
  • “Girl … who climbed on the number 1 bus on Saturday around 2 PM. You’re so pretty. You wore jeans full of holes, a North Face jacket, and have a nose ring. I regret not having talked to you, and thought of Craigslist! Crossing my fingers. Give me a shout. —G” (Centretown)
  • “We were both on a 70 something express between 8:40 and 9am, from Fallowfield, Feb 10th. You were sitting at the front, facing the drivers side. I was standing at the first exit door. I am probably mistaken, but I thought we exchanged a look once or twice. I would really like to meet you.” (Express bus to Slater)


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