CTV Ottawa, CFRA face layoffs

Sports radio personality Jungle Jim Jerome of Team 1200 is one of 16 Bell Media employees locally who were given pink-slips on Thursday.

“It’s a stinger, but I’ll be OK,” Jerome told the Sun from Las Vegas, where he’s attending Wayne Gretzky’s Fantasy Camp.

CTV Ottawa promotion manager Brent Corbeil and four other management and support staff were laid off.

Seven out of 11 radio cuts were on-air talent, including Gord McDougall and Michael Harris at CFRA; Phil Melanson and Mike Sutherland at Team 1200; Steve Boyton at Majic 100; and Tina Sapp at BOB-FM.

General manager Richard Gray said he met with each staffer in person Thursday morning to deliver the news.

Out in Vegas, Jerome finished his morning show and was heading to his room for a nap. He saw a text message from Gray, asking him to call.

Once they were on the line, he was told, “your job’s been terminated, effective immediately.”

His voice had no trace of bitterness.

Jerome described Gray as “the quietest guy I’ve ever worked for, which is sort of great.”

Jerome, 50, was hired at the station in 1999 and saw the pink slip coming.

“When I was with CHUM, I had unbelievable creative licence. Mark Mahue, he gave me my shot,” he said.

When CTV took over, “that got tightened up.”

Less than 24 hours earlier, “I was just telling my best buddy, I said, ‘I’m gettin’ a little long in the tooth for this, you know.’ ”

All in all, “it was a great run.”


One Comment

  1. Barry Lemoine

    This was predicted along with the CTV changes over last couple of years. Next TEAM 1200to Station will become a member of TSN RADIO NETWORK ..

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