Illegal workers ordered out of country

Twenty-nine people busted by the Canada Border Services Agency last month for illegally working in Ottawa and Gatineau have been ordered to leave the country.

“They all admitted the allegation that they were working without authorization, so that’s why the removal order was rendered for all of them,” said Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada spokesman Robert Gervais.

The illegal workers are all Israeli citizens — as initially reported by the Sun — except for one person, from France, and they range from 19 to 36 years old.

“Most of them had arrived only a month or two before their arrest,” said Gervais, noting they all held “visitor status” after entering Canada as tourists.

An IRB hearing was held in Montreal on Dec. 22, following the CBSA’s raid on eight shopping centres in Ottawa and Gatineau three days earlier.

More than two dozen people selling skin-care products at kiosks in Bayshore, Billings Bridge, Carlingwood, Hazeldean, Place d’Orleans, St. Laurent, Galeries de Hull, and Promenades de l’Outaouais were arrested and detained in Laval.

Workers selling Dead Sea items at two booths, Seacret and Dead Sea, were cuffed, along with others working for businesses named Heat in a Click, Premier Lotion, Active Energy, Bellapierre, Premier Spa, and Extreme Energy.

At the admissibility hearing, one person, Hadar Cohen, was issued a deportation order.

“They cannot come back to Canada — this is for life,” said Gervais.

An exclusion order was served to 27 others, meaning they can’t return to Canada for one year.

The remaining person, Jonathan Amsellem, is contesting the removal order and that decision is pending, said Gervais.

The second part of the hearing was a detention review where “they all clearly indicated that they wanted to leave as soon as possible…they were going to buy their plane tickets to leave Canada,” said Gervais.

Based on that information everyone was released, however, the CBSA isn’t confirming if or when they left Canada.

The CBSA has the mandate to remove those individuals “as soon as possible,” said spokeswoman Jacqueline Roby.

“There is no precise time frame that applies. Each case is considered on a case-by-case basis.”

Being tied up in legal proceedings such as a criminal trial, claiming a need for protection, or having difficulty obtaining a passport or visa can cause delays between the time a removal order is issued and when the person actually leaves Canada.

Ansellem’s next hearing is on March 7.



Shiran Klitenik

Ayelet Hen

Boris Specktor

Sapi Mantsur

Matan Avni

Hadar Cohen*

Elli Assi

Idan Amos Uzan

Nitzan Shimon Eliyahu

Bahtia Nahamias

Assaf Zitrin

Almog Bitton

Noy Merran

Shelly Benjo

Eden Raz

Ortal Gesure

Tsli Soffer

Shloml Deri

Yosef Razon

Saar Jonathan Zioni

Snir Zohar

Liraz Avraham

Maayan Zohar

Avni Hirsch

Matan Ohana

Gilad Ben David

William Jacob Bouzaglo

Niv Rahmim

Jonathan Amsellem**

*Deportation order

**Contesting removal order

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