New Year’s baby in a hurry to get here


Ottawa’s first baby of 2012 was born just 30 seconds after midnight.

Audrey Pelchat was delivered at the Ottawa Hospital Civic campus, weighing 8 lbs, 3 ozs.

“It’s amazing. We’re really happy,” said mom, Sarah Fairbrass, 30, of Barrhaven.

“I feel good.”

The baby arrived early.

“I was due Jan. 9 ” said Fairbrass.

“My water broke on the 30th in bed, and then we waited and we were induced last night.”

She was in labour for two hours.

“It was very fast,” she said.

Fairbrass and husband, Matt Pelchat, 27, kept the baby’s gender a surprise.

The young couple’s first child is Violet, who is 17 months old.

“I’m excited,” said Pelchat on having two girls.

“I’m happy they’re both healthy. So that’s the most important thing.”

When the clock struck 12, “I didn’t even know,” said Fairbrass.

“I can’t believe she’s a new year’s baby. It’s overwhelming and I’m very pleased,” said aunt Emma Fairbrass, who looked after Violet Saturday.

Violet wore a pink T-shirt her parents bought, reading Big Sister.

As her mom held the newborn, Violet reached out and touched her sister’s head, then grabbed a knit hat and tried to put it on her.

“I think (Audrey’s) going to be better behaved than Violet,” said Fairbrass.

The couple revealed their shortlist of baby names.

If it was a boy, “we had Jeremy or Stuart,” said Fairbrass.

For girls, Audrey “was the top choice when we met the baby. We had other choices — Ruby and Eleanor — but she looks like an Audrey,” said Fairbrass.

Emma Fairbrass digs her newborn niece’s name.

“I love it. It think it’s adorable. I was first to know, so that’s special,” she said.

Meeting Audrey for the first time was a special moment for grandpa Tom Fairbrass.

“I found out last night,” he said.

“They called me. We were out partying. We couldn’t really come at 2 in the morning but we came first thing today.”

He hadn’t held her because he was “still a bit nervous about it.”

But with cameras rolling, he took her in his arms.

“Now don’t cry, don’t embarrass me,” he said to Audrey.

Right on cue, she cried.

“They’re so small and so delicate, compared to me. It’s incredible,” he said.

“My kids are older now so you just forget.”

Having a Jan. 1 baby means they’ll always have to throw a birthday party New Year’s Day.

“We’ll have some hung over guests,” said Sarah.


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