Poodle stabber will go to jail

An Ottawa woman who pleaded guilty to killing her boyfriend’s dog will spend three months in jail and is banned from owning a pet for 12 years.

Abir Hamade was sentenced on Oct. 28 for two counts of animal cruelty — unlawfully killing an animal and causing an animal unnecessary pain and suffering — following the stabbing death of a five-year-old poodle named Morgan two years ago.

“It’s gratifying to see the court issue a sentence of jail time in a case like this where there has been a vicious attack on a defenceless animal,” said Ottawa Humane Society inspector Miriam Smith.

Morgan was stabbed once near the shoulder blade and taken to the OHS shelter by its owner for disposal on Jan. 19, 2009.

Shelter staff became suspicious when the owner coughed up several stories to account for the fatal wound.

Charges were laid the next day against Hamade, who was living with her boyfriend.

But before her trial, Hamade disappeared and a bench warrant was issued for her arrest.

Smith said a “brutal, vicious attack” like this one is rare.

“I can’t recall another situation like this in Ottawa,” said Smith, adding most animal cruelty cases involve neglect of food or care.

In addition to jail time, Hamade can’t own, care for or live with any animals for 12 years — a move Smith applauds.

“This animal is not hers,” said Smith. “We’ll be able to protect any animals that she’s around for that time.”



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