Driver f-bombs rider


OC Transpo is investigating what appears to be a driver’s expletive-filled rant — including threats to assault a rider — which was caught on video and posted to YouTube.

The driver, who isn’t shown on camera, can be heard yelling “If you don’t shut your f—ing face, I’m going to stick my fist in it.”

The footage, just shy of a minute long, was captured on a cellphone by another passenger who uploaded the clip on YouTube on Thursday under the title, ‘OC Transpo Bus Driver Loses It on Mentally Ill Passenger.’

“Customer relations is always a priority for us and we take this situation very seriously,” said general manager of transit services Alain Mercier. “… Appropriate action will be taken based on the findings.”

According to the YouTube user named DartPak, the incident took place on Route 96, heading back to Kanata from downtown.

“I witnessed quite a few threats by the bus driver before I had a chance to take out the iPhone and get this video,” wrote the user. “… it’s just me, a mentally ill 20-something male, and the bus driver.”

DartPak wrote before the driver laid into the man, the passenger was talking loudly on his phone as if it were a microphone and he was a game show host.

This man was saying he “sleeps on the ground, runs around with no clothes on, tries to be as spontaneous as possible, that he hates pregnancy and loves nudity.” DartPak wrote.

The video clip, with choppy audio, ends with the driver yelling “Shut up! Not a f–ing word, not a sound. When I open that f—ing door, you get out, and you don’t say a f—ing word or I’m gonna f—ing kick your f—ing ass.”

The young man bolts for the back door, saying “sorry,” as he gets off.

Stittsville Coun. Shad Qadri is on the transit commission and says he hasn’t seen the video.

‘Wait and see’

“Let’s wait and see as to what the scenario was, what the circumstances were, before we jump to conclusions,” said Qadri.

“I do know that OC Transpo does have protocol for issues related to this kind of service and I’m sure they will deal with it going forward.”

At the same time, “I think public-service people should be respecting the public, obviously,” said Qadri.

A similar incident occurred in February — also on Route 96 — when a man who just finished a cigarette boarded the bus.

The driver, caught on video and posted to YouTube, berated the man for smelling like smoke, then unleashed his fury on other passengers.

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