Occupy demonstrators asked to dismantle beds

Occupy Ottawa demonstrators building beds were asked Monday to remove all construction-related materials from Confederation Park.

“We want all construction in the park to cease,” said National Capital Commission spokesman Jean Wolff.

As temperatures dip below 0C, demonstrators have been bringing in crates and nails to make cots, while others have set up heaters and tents.

“The NCC is concerned about some of the behaviours in the park and has asked for specific corrective measures to be taken,” said Wolff.

Demonstrators have also been asked to take down attachments to trees and lamp posts, and “to stop drawing and graffiti on the main fountain,” said Wolff.

“The heritage and cultural assets in the park — that’s important.”

The Occupy Ottawa movement has been taking place since Oct. 15.

So far, demonstrators have not been given by the boot by the NCC.

“We are monitoring the situation and working with law enforcement agencies,” Wolff said, adding public safety and protecting the integrity of the park are paramount.

Ottawa police, meanwhile, say the Occupy Ottawa movement will continue.

“Everything remains the same for now,” said spokesman Const. Marc Soucy.





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