Victim’s sister pleads for killer to come forward

The message from the sister of murder victim Leeanne Lawson is simple: Turn yourself in.

“I pray that the person who did this stands up and comes forward, doing the right thing not only by us, but by themselves as a human being,” Melissa Sauder told the Sun Monday.

A single red rose was left in a chain-link fence over the weekend, close to where Lawson’s body was found Sept 2.

Ottawa police have been on the scene — in a Lowertown alley behind the Ottawa Hydro building — ever since.

The major crime unit is tracking down persons of interest, cops said Monday.

But they released no new information on the case.

The 23-year-old left Bancroft for Ottawa seven years ago and was living on the downtown streets.

She was a client at the Shepherds of Good Hope and is the third straight homeless person to be killed in 2011.

Lawson and Sauder kept in touch by writing letters back and forth.

Losing her only sister has Sauder feeling devastated and sleep-deprived.

“I’ve had six hours (of sleep) since I got the news,” she said.

Sauder, 24, is 14 months older than Lawson and the two were very close.

“I will never be the same again,” she said.

The sisters have a younger half-brother, who’s seven.

He lives with their mom in Bancroft.

“She was snatched away from us in such a cruel way,” said Sauder.

“She was such a part of me, who I am, it’s like half of my heart died with her.”

Funeral services have not been announced but it’s expected they will be in Bancroft.


  1. Angelo

    I sincerely hope the police don’t push this aside as they are prone to doing.
    “Victim of circumstance” is not a reason to ignore the death of a girl who made some mistakes and got stuck in a life she couldn’t get out of.
    Leeanne was a sweet girl who is missed by a lot of people.
    I have my doubts that the police care whether her killer is ever found or not.

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