Sun helps reunite boat with owner

A missing boat is back where it belongs after its owner spotted it in a recent Sun story.

Michel Warden’s 12-ft. boat floated away in the Ottawa River during a storm in early June.

“I searched left and right just to find it,” said the Luskville resident. “I never stopped looking for the damn thing.”

From Buckham’s Bay to Aylmer, it didn’t surface.

Enter Leo Villeneuve in Constance Bay.

When the boat washed up on his property, he ended up contacting Transport Canada, only to be disgusted by the receiver of wrecks division’s process to find the boat’s owner, which he said was a waste of time and money.

So he got in touch with the Sun, which ran the story Aug. 14.

Warden’s friend saw the story.

“He said ‘you better look at the Sun newspaper, ‘cause I think he’s got your boat,” said Warden.

Warden called Villeneuve the same day.

To prove it was his, he gave specific details about the boat’s contents, then picked it up last Thursday.

“Thanks to Leo Villeneuve there for finding it and having patience and the honesty to put it in the paper so I could be able to have it,” he said.

“It’s not a big boat, but it’s my stress-relieving boat.”


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