Locally made ice creams wow customers

SEE VIDEO http://www.ottawasun.com/2011/07/21/locally-made-ice-creams-wow-customers

On a sweltering summer day, Pascale Berthiaume wipes her brow as she churns out all natural ice cream in a community kitchen on Gladstone Ave.

Heat wave or not, she’s got orders to fill.

With flavours like peanut-butter-salted-caramel, raspberry-Cassis, and dark-chocolate-sea-salt, it’s not just grown up foodies who crave her desserts.

“Kids love it,” she said.

Berthiaume, 31, has found her niche in the frozen dessert market, supplying restaurants like Allium and the Whalesbone Oyster House, and catering companies with her treats.

Among her best-sellers this summer are avocado-honey-lime and honey-rhubarb-ginger.

As for slow movers, “for some reason, a lot of people have a hate-on for banana,” she said.

“And the passion-fruit is hit and miss, because it’s really tart.”

On Preston St., it’s all about getting a scoop at Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana.

“The most popular ones are lemon, pistachio, mango, and chocolate,” said co-owner Joe Calabro, adding it takes about one hour to make each flavour.

At Truffle Treasures on Bank St., dark chocolate takes top honours.

“We have one called sexy-chocolate,” said gelato maker Kristen Deloughery, adding it’s consistently their number one.

Local ingredients are found at Roslyn’s Old Kanata Ice Cream.

The ice cream comes from Brum’s Dairy in Pembroke, said employee Simone Gerow, and their waffle cones are also handmade locally.

Their top seller is an Oreo Razzle — think DQ Blizzard or McDonald’s McFlurry.

“It’s real ice cream, not ice milk.”



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