Biological drug treatment gets $3.1M in funding

Trailblazing research teams in Ottawa will get provincial grants to continue scientific studies that will have a major impact on health and medicine.

A project led by Dr. Michael Rudnicki at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute is getting $3.1 million to develop biological drugs that stimulate the regeneration of the heart, pancreas, and muscle tissue.

These drugs could dramatically alter the way diabetes, heart disease and neuromuscular diseases are treated.

In addition, Dr. Alan Forster is working on “eTrigger” technology to prevent medical errors and improve patient safety.

Complications related to medical care currently affect one in eight patients and adverse events can be related to medication, surgeries, hospital-acquired infections, diagnostic errors, or management errors, said Forster.

Using sophisticated software that alerts nurses, doctors, and pharmacists, “the goal of this is to use information to actually anticipate problems as opposed to just communicate, which is how we normally think of things,” he said.

The announcement was made by Ontario Minister of Research and Innovation Glen Murray and Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi at the Ottawa Hospital Wednesday..

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