Bar manager says ministry overboard with training of security guards

When Sean Hilliker became a bouncer at a downtown Ottawa bar in 1996 there was no training, testing, or background check needed.

“It used to be, ‘OK you’re big, you’re friendly, you’re hired,’” he said.

“Sometimes you don’t even have to be friendly.”

The rules have changed.

Hilliker is now the general manager of Grace O’Malley’s Irish Pub on Merivale Rd.

He said he wants the province to scrap mandatory training for licensed security guards since bars are legally responsible if a doorman assaults a patron.

“No one’s suing the government for not properly training. The lawsuit’s going to come to us,” he said.

“The licensing itself is a good thing but the way they’re going about it is wrong.”

On July 1 and 2, provincial police laid 91 charges at 16 establishments in Ottawa — including 11 bars — for unlicensed security infractions against guards, bars, and security companies.

A similar raid last April uncovered 140 violations, said OPP Staff Sgt. Rick LePage.

Hilliker said the overall attempt by the ministry to clean up the industry is good, because he doesn’t want to hire someone with a violent history.

“They’re a liability to me.”

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