Hudak hammers McGuinty at luncheon

Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak was in full campaign mode Wednesday as he addressed the Canadian Club of Ottawa during a luncheon.

From HST to healthcare, his speech focused heavily on attacking Ontario Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty.

“The McGuinty team probably has their next round of tax increases already planned. They just don’t want to tell you until after the next provincial election,” he said.

Hudak’s platform includes a promise to establish wait time guarantees in hospital emergency rooms across the province, adding 40,000 long term care beds and spreading the gas tax to 444 municipalities.

He also touched on family budgets and hydro savings.

A few dozen young environmental protesters made their presence felt outside the entrance to the Chateau Laurier, where the event was held, to show their support for green initiatives.

As soon as Hudak took the stage, two protesters appeared at the front of the ballroom holding a sign that said “HUDAK BE HONEST.”

“Do your politicians support dirty coal or clean renewable energy? … We want a future for this province and the Green Energy Act has provided thousands of jobs,” one of them said before being escorted out.

The provincial election is Oct. 6.

One Comment

  1. Dave MacDonald

    I started Kilowind Energy Inc. which will depend on the feed-in-tariff program – I’ve already invested > $10k in materials in Ontario to start building small wind turbines for farmers and rural areas.

    If he is elected then what happens to our green future? Investors would not want to develop here.

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