Arson suspected in townhouse blaze

Arson is suspected in last Friday’s massive Kanata townhouse development fire.

“It certainly points in that direction,” said Sgt. Dave Christie from the Ottawa Police Arson Section.

The blaze — which caused $2.5 million in damage — quickly tore through the unoccupied townhomes under construction on Remnor Ave. around 10 p.m. Friday.

No one was injured.

At least four units were destroyed and several other homes were damaged.

There were no gas or electrical services hooked up, Christie said.

That usually means someone ignited the fire.

One family was reportedly set to move into a house in July.

Residents told the Sun there were dozens of students partying at a house close to the construction site, many of whom were outside.

Cops were guarding the cordoned off wreckage over the weekend.

A joint investigation led by the Office of the Fire Marshal is still ongoing, spokeswoman Carol Gravelle said Tuesday.

In 2007, a condominium apartment building by Campanale Homes was set ablaze just one month before it was set to open in Barrhaven. Damage was around $700,000.


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