Royal nuptials spark memories for seniors


Her wedding gown had long sleeves and a scoop neck with frilly trim.

And there were no trendy designers at her disposal — Mary Anglin sewed her own dress.

“I was a teacher and I went to school and taught on my wedding day and the school principal sent me home,” said Anglin, who married her husband Doug on June 26, 1948.

With all the suspense around Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, the upcoming royal wedding is a time for seniors to reminisce — and brag — about their own marriages.

“We’re celebrating the (royal) wedding day by reliving the wedding day of many of the people that live here,” said Nancy Jutasi at Colonel By Retirement Residence.

Wedding photos are on display just outside the home’s dining room.

Many couples have tips for William and Kate on how to maintain a happy marriage.

“Marry a girl like Mary,” Doug Anglin said, laughing.

“Just be nice to each other, don’t go to bed angry, you know, there’s always another day,” said Emily Soroka, whose husband, Peter, passed away after their 50th anniversary.

Meanwhile, Shirley and George Simpson are going 60 years strong.

“The love comes first and then we learn to respect each other,” said Shirley.

“Keep a sense of humour,” added George.

George said he always knew Shirley was ‘the one.’ “I think I knew it before I met her, even,” he said.

By chance, she sat behind him in church one day.

He made sure they walked out together, and they discovered they lived six houses apart on Grove Ave.

Southminster United Church at Bank St. and Aylmer Ave. holds a special memory for the couple.

That’s where they tied the knot on Oct. 6, 1950 and they’re still smiling in each other’s company.

But they don’t agree on everything — only Shirley will be rising early for the royal wedding breakfast, which is planned at the home on Friday.

Tea and crumpets will be served at 5 a.m., and a formal wedding luncheon will take place later.

George and Shirley Simpson will cut a wedding cake in honour of Prince William and Kate.

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