Woman gets more than jelly beans in Easter treat

SEE VIDEO http://www.ottawasun.com/news/ottawa/2011/04/13/17983596.html#/news/ottawa/2011/04/13/pf-17985426.html

An Ottawa hairdresser says there was an Easter surprise inside a bag of jelly beans she bought at a dollar store.

“I found a big piece of metal inside,” said Sparkle Downey.

She noticed the rusty object — which resembles a can opener — inside a bag of “Lady Sarah speckled jelly beans.”

But it wasn’t until after eating five or six pieces.

“I’m OK but it could’ve been a child so I was happy it was me,” she said.

She bought the Easter goodies at Dollarama in Bells Corners last week.

The candy is distributed by Magid Brothers, based in Laval.

Downey normally puts candy out for clients at First Choice Haircutters in Kanata.

“It’s pretty scary, and poor Sparkle, meaning well to treat her customers to some candy,” said customer Jennifer Bygrave.

Downey says it’s not the first time she’s gotten more than she paid for.

“I bought a chocolate bar in Dollarama in Carlingwood Mall…I gave it to my son and he found little ants, bugs, I don’t know, in the chocolate bar.”

The candy cost her $1.50 but Downey says it’s about the principle, not the money.

“This is twice now, so I don’t know. Maybe the third time I may not be lucky so I really don’t know.”

Dollarama and Magid Brothers could not be reached for comment.


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