Pitbull rips out little dog’s throat

An 11-year-old boy watched in horror Wednesday as a pitbull tore out the throat of his tiny dog as he helplessly held onto its leash.

“He’s not doing well right now,” said the boy’s father, Patrick Lorange. “He tried to do the best he could for her, but there was nothing he could really do. I’m just glad my son didn’t get hurt.”

It happened on the lawn of an apartment complex at 3360 Paul Anka Dr. around 5:30 p.m.

His son Jesse was walking Bailey, their three-year-old Shih Tzu, just like he normally does every day after school.

“Same area, all the time. He’s never had a problem walking her until today,” said Lorange.

Jesse and Bailey encountered three bigger dogs — including two pitbulls — being walked by a woman.

One of the pitbulls ran toward Bailey and attacked her, biting and shaking her until she was dead, said Const. Mike Bond, adding the attack was unprovoked.

A bylaw officer and police were on the scene.

Witnesses said the American red nose pitbull, Tyrus (a.k.a. Taytron), wasn’t wearing a muzzle.

“If this was a person, what would happen, you know?,” said Lorange. “I’m hoping that the dog gets put down.”

Its owner, Jennifer Mayer, wasn’t there when it happened, but said it’s the first time her dog has ever attacked another dog or person.

“I came after the fact so I can’t really say much ’cause I wasn’t here when he went stupid,” said Mayer.

“But I do feel bad for them and I understand where they’re coming from, where they want the dog dead. I get that.

“I think I’m going to end up putting him down.”

Lorange isn’t the only one who wants Tyrus gone.

His friend, Holly Ettinger, was Bailey’s original owner.

She gave the dog to Jesse about 14 months ago, after having a baby.

Ettinger said she saw the horror unfold after getting a phone call about a commotion outside.

“Then we went on the balcony and we saw just her (Bailey) getting ripped apart,” she said.

“Like, her neck, she was being flung from side to side with the dog and there was nothing they could do. Finally, a guy who I guess is not the owner but looking after the dog at the time, went and punched him in the head a couple of times and finally got the dog off of Bailey.”

Bailey was breathing for about five minutes then died.

“My heart still goes out for the kid and the puppy,” said a visibly shaken woman named Linda, who was walking Tyrus.

Charges are pending, police said.



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