Dancing their hearts out to stamp out bullying

SEE VIDEO http://www.ottawasun.com/news/ottawa/2011/04/13/17983676.html#/news/ottawa/2011/04/13/pf-17985136.html

It began with applause then quickly turned into a flash mob.

They waved their hands, moved their feet, and sang their hearts out to Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

Almost 700 people at Cedarview Middle School in Barrhaven wore pink to support anti-bullying.

The message: speak up.

“Even if their situation might seem bad, it can only get better and there’s always somebody who cares and who will help to stop it,” said Ian Venables, a grade 8 student.

That message resonated with staff and students.

“Even though there might be bullying that goes on…we won’t stand for it and instead we’ll stand up for it,” said Emmy Fu, a student council representative.

Stand up for it and dance for it, too.

Mayor Jim Watson also showed off his footwork.

“Out of 10, I would probably say about seven. But since he’s the mayor, I’ll boost it up to an eight,” said Fu.

Eight is the magic number — it took roughly eight weeks to perfect the routine.

“They did it in dance class, they did it in their sleep, they did it at home, they did it in the art room,” said teacher Corinne Morgan.

Then they mobbed the mayor for autographs.


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