Firefighters pull woman from blazing home


A woman is in critical condition and four others suffered smoke inhalation at a house fire Thursday morning.

When the first crews arrived at 14 Julian Ave. at about 6 a.m., flames and smoke were visible from a second-storey living room window of the home. It is located just off Wellington St. near Holland Ave.

Crews rescued a 57-year-old woman from the upper floor and conducted CPR to revive her. Paramedics said she suffered second-degree burns to 40% of her body – including her torso, legs and arms.

At least two people tried to rescue the woman, named Rita.

The residents of the house, in Wellington West, are listed as R. M. Phillips and L. Mosher.

“Linda tried to go up, was unable to and then Ian MacLeod, who lives across the street, also tried to go up and he had to go back because of the heavy smoke,” said neighbour Heather Dewar. “But the firefighters arrived very quickly, got it under control.”

Paramedics assessed four others for smoke inhalation – two were taken to hospital and the other two refused treatment.

Charlotte MacLeod, 15, said her dad is going to be okay after running into the burning house.

“It’s pretty good that he went in and did that ‘cause the person across the street is blind so he probably had some trouble getting out,” she said.

Her father, 54, suffered smoke inhalation and is in stable condition.

The owners of 14 Julian Ave., Linda and Tony, took refuge at the MacLeod home.

“They were fine … but obviously they were quite shaken up,” said Dewar.

Ottawa Fire spokesman Marc Messier said the burning house has two apartments – one on each floor.

“The fire started in the living room of the second floor apartment where the woman lived,” said Messier.

The blaze was contained in about 30 minutes. The cause of the fire is unknown. Damage is estimated at $150,000.

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