Homicide in South Gloucester

SEE VIDEO http://www.ottawasun.com/news/ottawa/2011/03/27/17775401.html#/news/ottawa/2011/03/27/pf-17771511.html

A 23-year-old woman is dead and Ottawa Police are calling it a homicide.

Her body was discovered in the Saade International Inn, a motel attached to Diamonds Cabaret strip club and All Win Chinese restaurant in South Gloucester.

Police said there were obvious signs of violence at the scene but the cause of death can’t be confirmed until after an autopsy, which is scheduled for Monday.

“It’s an ongoing criminal investigation. We’ll release details when they become available,” said Sgt. Rob Drummond.

Charges are pending against the 34-year-old man arrested at the scene.

He will remain in custody Sunday night.

The major crimes unit is investigating after police found the body around 8:40 p.m. Saturday at 5023 Bank St. at the corner of Rideau Rd.

The woman’s name won’t be released until her identity is confirmed and “when all the notifications have been done,” Drummond said.

Police won’t say if or how the man and woman know each other.

The crime scene was completely taped off Sunday.

At least four cop cruisers and eight other vehicles, including a white bus and a black Escalade, remain in the lot.

The property next door at 5017 Bank St. S. looks like a house and was also cordoned off.

A dumpster out back was piled high with trash and a police car was stationed right next to it.

An old deserted gas station sits on the other side of Bank St.

The empty South Gloucester industrial park and Brickyards rural employment area are opposite the motel on Rideau Rd.

This is not the first time the building has been under police scrutiny. As the former site of pirate radio station MIX FM 91.9, RCMP searched the inn in 2010 for the radio transmitter.

The station was operated by the then 14-year-old son of inn proprietor Georges Saade.

Anyone with information can contact the Major Crime Section at 613-236-1222, ext. 5493.


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