Transpo investigating another cellphone complaint

The city is investigating after a man driving an OC Transpo minivan was seen talking on his cell phone.

“I thought it was kind of ironic,” said Rick Paul, a Sun reader who filed the complaint.

“The fear I have as a motorcycle driver is somebody’s going to be texting and kill me.”

It happened around 3:50 p.m. Wednesday on Tremblay Rd. and Vanier Pkwy. near the Via train station.

Paul said the man was wearing a suit and tie and driving alone.

An earlier investigation was launched last month after two OC Transpo drivers were caught on camera using mobile devices behind the wheel.

Drivers caught talking or texting while driving face a $155 fine under Ontario’s distracted driving law.

“This incident is under investigation and appropriate action will be taken,” said Jane Wright, Manager, Safety, Business Services & Customer Relations for OC Transpo.

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