Bus riders weigh in on service, fare hikes

SEE VIDEO http://www.ottawasun.com/news/ottawa/2011/01/31/17105181.html

Bus riders weigh in on bus service, fare hikes and the possibility of another transit strike.

Brigitte Engel (Carlingwood Mall)

“Never had any problems (with OC Transpo service) but they’re not usually on time. If I had a pet peeve that would be it.

“(A strike) would mean extra half hour walk for myself after working my shifts. I would mean my daughter is stuck walking for an extra half hour. Quite honestly everybody else seems to be doing fine with their negotiations. There’s no reason why they couldn’t be able to work something out.

Jordan Linton:

“(A strike) would be really bad because last time they went on strike I had to rely on other means of transportation going through the snow and my driver wasn’t really reliable and I always was late for school. Plus it takes away the factor that I can’t go anywhere that I want and I have to rely on my parents. I don’t have a car so not the greatest idea.

“I think (the fare increase is) a bit too steep … I’m starting to pay for these passes myself. And it’s not easy to balance school and a job to pay for a bus pass that keeps rising up by price.”

Liad Neumann:

“I depend on the bus system and use it like three times a day almost.

“(The fare increase is) a little bit too high but if that’s the price then I have to pay it.”

Taylor Bourguignon:

“I think that’s ridiculous. People can barely afford the bus tickets prices now. If they bring it up $2.50, that’s just going to be too expensive. No one’s going to be on the buses anymore.”

Gordon (Carlingwood Mall)

“Honestly I think the transportation system sucks … A $2.50 increase is absurd … In regards to management and unionized drivers the struggle will always continue. It is almost impossible for the two of them to agree.”

— Kelly Roche

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