NFL excites more than Sens

Frigid temperatures didn’t stop Sean Landsman from cheering on Da Bears in the NFC championship game Sunday.

“I’m from Chicago, so this is close to my heart,” the Carleton student said at Local Heroes Bar & Grill in Nepean.

Plenty of football fans left the comfort of their ‘man-caves’ and hit up local bars for the NFL conference finals doubleheader Sunday.

“We usually have a good football crowd every Sunday,” said manager Jamie MacLeod.

That’s good news, as bar sales are suffering, partly due to the Senators’ dismal record.

And now the Ultimate Fighting Championship is cranking up prices to air pay-per-view events, starting next month.

But at Local Heroes, there wasn’t a free barstool in sight.

That wasn’t the case at Grace O’Malley’s on Merivale Rd.

“Last Sunday was busier than most,” said Ben Collins, the manager.

He was “surprisingly disappointed,” about the turnout.

A handful of regulars showed up, but he said fans could trickle for the Steelers-Jets game.

If not, he’s hoping SuperBowl Sunday will make up for it.

“I expect the entire restaurant to be full. There will be no seats in the house.”

SuperBowl XLV is on Feb. 6.

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