Gatineau fire leaves family of 7 homeless


A family of seven is homeless after fire gutted their bungalow at 8 Rue du Cure-Labelle in the Templeton area of Gatineau around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday.

No one was injured but the family’s spirits are crushed.

A woman wearing a white jacket and dark pants, who didn’t want her name used, is one of those living there.

She emerged Wednesday from the house next door and watched the cleanup crew work.

Her eyes were swollen. Her face was red.

“No. No thank you,” she said, walking away when asked for comment.

Two decorative candy canes and purple, blue, and green Christmas garlands remain on the front porch.

A black and yellow Tonka truck is nestled in the snow at the bottom of the front steps.

A brown-haired girl, about 12-years-old, got out of a car.

The woman driving said the girl also lived there.

“Pretty much all is lost,” said Marc-Andre Lacombe, emergency technician from Premiere Generale.

“All the windows and doors, I barricaded.”

Neighbours said the family’s been living in the house for 25 years.

The family— two parents, their children and grandchildren — is being sheltered by the Red Cross.

Damage is estimated around $275,000.

The fire is believed to be electrical.

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