Bomb accused was evicted in September

It isn’t easy finding Chad Baillargeon’s home.

Along a seedy strip occupied by an old bingo hall, an electronics store, a pizzeria and run-down housing, the addresses listed for the Gatineau man charged in Tuesday’s home made bomb arrest — 397 and 274 Rue Notre Dame — don’t exist.

But whether he actually lives here, people in the area know Baillargeon.

They say he was a regular at Cafe Renaissance, a bar on Rue Notre Dame.

Acquaintances there said he worked at a nearby pawn shop, just 130 metres away.

A man behind the counter at Aladdin Pawn Shop, however, said Baillargeon didn’t work there but he came in frequently.

Acquaintances said Baillargeon was constantly in and out of jail.

They said he has two kids, adding he was evicted last September for not forking over rent money.

People who know him said he left Gatineau for Montreal a few months ago.

Baillargeon was arrested Tuesday after police discovered the components of a pipe bomb in the trunk of a car pulled over for a routine traffic violation in the Glebe.

Baillargeon appeared in court Thursday afternoon.

His bail hearing is set for Monday at 1:30 p.m.

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