Ex-premier Tobin’s son held in garage fatality: Report

OTTAWA – The son of former Newfoundland premier Brian Tobin is being held by Ottawa Police after an Ottawa man was run over by a truck and killed on the top floor of a downtown Ottawa parking garage early Friday morning.

John “Jack” Tobin, 24, is being held in custody by Ottawa Police, according to CTV reports.

Ottawa Police say the victim was also 24. Alcohol was a factor in the death, police added.

When contacted by QMI Agency Friday night, Ottawa Police refused to confirm they were holding Tobin.

The man in custody will appear in court Christmas morning, police said. Police would not say what charges he is facing.

Calls by QMI Agency to the Tobin residence near Manotick, Ont., went unanswered Friday.

The victim became trapped under the body of a Dodge Ram pickup truck on the fifth floor of the garage in the Byward Market around 3:15 a.m.

The incident occurred shortly after the downtown bars closed – a busy time in Ottawa’s Byward Market area.

The pinned man was eventually freed but pronounced dead at the scene.

His immediate family was notified Friday afternoon but police have not yet released his name.

Police said they received calls from witnesses and responded with the Ottawa Fire Department and paramedics.

Garage staff told QMI Agency no one was working when the incident occurred.

Several witnesses were questioned by police, including a passenger who was in the truck when it happened.



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  1. Stan

    This is a big story because of the celebrity status of the individuals involved. A bigger story, that received NO national coverage, occurred in Sault Ste. Marie last Feb. when an individual driving on a shoulder on his way home from a bar strikes and kills a 19 year old pedestrian. Although the driver admitted to the police that he had a few drinks they did NOT take a breath sample! The police not only overlooked other routine investigative procedures but later called the driver’s wife to tell her that they were in his corner!!!
    No call was made to the victim’s mother. Incidentally, the driver is related to an officer in the Sault Ste. Marie Police Dept. The Police officers involved in this case have recently been charged by the victim’s mother. However, all charges against the driver were dropped because of lack of evidence. I’m sure nothing too severe will happen to the police who have been charged.

    Read the story at:

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