Lowertown residents want photo radar cameras

SEE VIDEO http://www.ottawasun.com/news/ottawa/2010/12/07/16464231.html

King Edward Avenue is a graveyard for drivers and pedestrians, according to a group of Lowertown residents.

“Every year for the last five years there’s been somebody killed on King Edward Avenue or near it,” said Marc Aubin, chair of the King Edward task force .

And now, they’re launching an anti-speeding campaign to prove a point.

The task force spent $200 on a radar gun and they’re engaging in risky behaviour by standing on the island to gauge traffic at King Edward and Cathcart Street.

The goal is to collect statistics, which they’re hoping will push the province to allow the city to install photo radar cameras.

And it’s not just the province they’re trying to convince.

“We feel like the city hasn’t done enough to deal with the speeding,” said Aubin.

Calls to the city were not returned Tuesday.

Aubin said in 2009, Lowertown residents asked the city for a crosswalk at King Edward and Cathcart Street.

“City staff said to us, ‘the speeding is out of control on King Edward. We can’t do anything about it. So you can’t get your crosswalk’,” he said.

While five people died, many others have been injured on King Edward.

About a year ago, a 21-year-old man was hit but not killed by a car while running across Rideau Street just west of King Edward.

The task force said 20 people on foot or bicycle were hit by cars between 1997 and 1999.

On the flip side, Aubin said he’s very happy with Ottawa police for doing their part.

“They’re out here quite often. They’re ticketing people that are speeding,” he said.

The province, Aubin said, told the group they’re dealing with speeding through education and enforcement.

The task force will be out gauging traffic again on Thursday and twice next week.


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