Group offers gas-saving tips

Grant Myre of Barrhaven spends $40 a week filling up his Pontiac Bonneville.

With gas prices hovering at $1.11 per litre, he may have found a way to recoup some of that money.

One Change, a not-for-profit environmental group, held a fuel efficiency event at the Bell Sensplex Friday, handing out free digital tire gauges.

“If you properly check your tires once a month and make sure they’re properly inflated throughout the year, you’re saving about two weeks’ worth of gas every year because you’re improving your fuel efficiency by 4%,” said Olivia Giuliani, a field representative for One Change.

Myre said the last time he checked his tires was last summer, but that will change now that he has a gauge.

“It’s going to be in the glove compartment or side of the door so I can check it monthly. So that will come in quite handy,” he said.

And what will he do with the extra $80?

“Probably buy more gas,” Myre said.

The next One Change tire clinic is at the Santa Claus Parade next Saturday.

For more tips on fuel efficiency check out

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