Underground Garage Collapses

One man taken to hospital

There was panic shortly before noon in Windsor following the collapse of a parking structure in the 1300 block of Ouellette Avenue. The roof of an underground parking garage gave way, crushing cars below, and dropping vehicles in the parking lot above, into the widening crevasse. The collapse has now led to the evacuation of an adjacent apartment block. He is listed in fair condition at Hotel Dieu Grace hospital.  It appears he was the only person injured in the incident, though a call went out to the OPP for a search-and-rescue team to comb the rubble below. And the search for other victims has taken much of the day.  To facilitate access to outside emergency services, Mayor Eddie Francis declared a state of emergency. /A\ News at Six had team coverage of the collapse with reporters Lori Berg and Kelly Roche.

SEE VIDEO http://www.atv.ca/windsor/news_73163.aspx

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