Top 5 Sandwiches in Burlington
Top 5 Fries in Oakville
Top 5 Fish and Chips in Burlington

• Ontario’s cops could have Tasers in their hands by year’s end
• Complaints from Transpo riders against ‘rude, heavy-handed’ OC fare cops revolve around lack of respect
• Ticket toll takes off at Transpo Park & Rides
• Culture at cop shop eating at morale: Study

Halton Police Officer Honours Six Canadian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan in a Special Way
• Courtesy counts on bus
Police ethics guide trashed: Source
City collected almost $20M from parking tix
Bank St. tops parking complaints
Instagram cyber bullying in Ottawa gets shut down
Cabbies caught with fake credentials

• D-day for Harkat as Supreme Court rules on security certificates
• Gun shots ring out in south-end Ottawa neighbourhood
 ‘Monster’ Gilles Simard sentenced 13 years for raping young nieces
• Man with airgun arrested in West Ottawa school        
• Dead woman’s sister remembers her kindness

Puppet master gives politicos the finger
Ottawa candidates start the race

• Erik Karlsson should have full recovery
Sens fans pumped for playoffs
Tears of a tough guy
• Sens Army flocks to fan fest

• Longfields students making the grade in math

• Business jumping on open data to provide real-time screens for OC Transpo riders

• Psychologist blasts RCMP’s handling of officers’ mental health issues
• Tooth decay rampant among preschoolers in Canada
• Sens doc a survivor

• Bargain-hunters head to Centretown
• Local boys rock with Springsteen

• City cop on elite squad
• Heather Anderson is the Ultimate Coupon Queen…
• Visitors still enjoy a real book at the library

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