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Public speaking terrifies me. So naturally, I became a TV reporter … then wound up at a major newspaper multimedia news outlet. Facing fear led me to a fun, rewarding career in journalism. Then I left a full-time, permanent job and am now facing fear of the unknown. Fear has the power to cripple or propel. I believe in drop-kicking anything that scares you (kids and animals excluded) and using fear as fuel. I’m writing the next page of my story and would love to tell yours.

Get in touch if you want in:

Most of my business comes through referrals and word of mouth. 

For anti-racism and equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging (EDIB/DEI/EDI): Everything I do is purposeful. Depending on your needs and how much you’re willing to invest, I can design courses, facilitate workshops, host an event, coach your team, join you as a panellist or moderator, troubleshoot, identify gaps, create solutions, etc. Rates will vary. Feel free to reach out via e-mail to find out if our values align. Remember to include a detailed request with your name, organization, phone number, website, budget, scope and deadline.

“Kelly Roche is a thoughtful, engaged, and compassionate faculty member. As an experienced journalist and instructor, she led the EDIB initiative in Humber’s three journalism programs, which included creating and organizing symposiums and town halls. She mentored students one to one to give support and encouragement when needed and helped to bring student issues to the forefront, which resulted in significant policy changes. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Kelly again!”

-sarah-jane greenway

associate dean, journalists & writers

humber college

For freelance editorial/contract opportunities: Let’s see if we’re the right fit for each other. If applicable, please include a detailed e-mail request with your name, organization, phone number, website, budget, scope and deadline.

For business collaborations: My goal is to make you look as professional and polished as possible using a solutions-oriented approach.

I can help with:

-Content direction (i.e. internal and external promotional/marketing materials such as blog or social media posts, articles, newsletters, editorial calendars, etc.).

Finding, defining, telling your unique story and coaching you through the process.

“Now I have a good direction — after 8 months of trial and error — and it does not stop here.”

-elaine chow

founder, ecllective

-Reviewing sponsored content, speeches, reports, etc.


-Testing your website to determine how media-friendly it is for journalists on deadline.

-Overseeing strategic custom content for your website and/or posts for social media, including photography, video, podcasts.

 “kelly is passionate about helping companies create a purposeful and clear direction for marketing needs. 
The plan laid out for our campaign not only helped us find our audience but increased revenue by 25%.”

-jamal edwards

founder, taylor made prep academy

If you have any other ideas, let’s chat.


  1. Beryl

    Thank you so much for your piece in the Tuesday July 14 Toronto Star.
    This is exactly what I’ve been feeling,
    As soon as the entire issue had been on the news, I stated to my husband, “oh, of course he’s still alive, he’s white.”
    I am a 71 year old white woman, and it’s clear to me what’s going on.
    Mr. Singh was exactly correct.

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