Editing course trailers (using corporate stock footage) for two versions of an introductory course, Communication Skills, was fun. This one is for journalism students.

The other, below, is designed for public relations students.

This is a quick video I made in summer 2020, inspired by a previous post offering tips to young journalists seeking internships. I used a video creation platform powered by AI to target college students who’ve got ‘Zoom fatigue.’ (Note: this video features stock footage. All images on this site were snapped, filmed and/or edited by me unless otherwise stated).

Bursts of sound (“sound ups”) are a key storytelling element in this news package. I shot, wrote, voiced and edited this story on September 17, 2012, covering the Occupy Ottawa march for the Ottawa Sun.

A limited media tour of Ottawa’s first Target location was led by senior vice-president of merchandising John Morioka. This was a fun assignment and I had a bit of room to play with the script and ‘write to my pictures.’ I shot, wrote, voiced this story on September 17, 2013, for the Ottawa Sun.

This is an example of a “quick and dirty” story covering Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak’s visit. He was in the nation’s capital to bolster the PC candidate for Ottawa South, Matt Young, in Premier Dalton McGuinty’s riding. I shot, wrote, voiced this package on July 29, 2013. It was a busy day and I had to package it quickly and move onto the next assignments. Is it perfect? Nope. Is it done? Yup.

Michael Bleakney was one of six victims in the OC Transpo-Via Rail crash. Funerals are tough to cover … using a trauma-informed approach is key. It also takes empathy, resilience, self-awareness and strong people skills to attend a stranger’s memorial service/celebration of life where people are in tears and do it justice. This is a story for the Ottawa Sun which I shot, wrote, voiced on September 25, 2013, covering Bleakney’s funeral.

Addendum: It turns out I’d mispronounced his last name, which should sound like BLAKE-ney. Sighs. Broadcasting is harder than it looks.