Poisoned dog returns home

Salsa — the dog poisoned in her own backyard — has returned home to Stittsville. “She’s quieter. She’s not as bouncy as she was, but she’s OK,” owner Eleanor Elliott said. The owner took the 8-lb. peekapoo to the Ottawa Veterinary Hospital at 3 a.m. Sunday after noticing erratic behaviour. The vet confirmed Salsa had […]


Dog poisoned by unknown substance

SEE VIDEO A Stittsville woman is shocked and upset after her dog was poisoned in her own backyard sometime Saturday night. “She was lifeless,” Eleanor Elliott said about her puppy, Salsa. “It was just horrifying. I was hysterical.” Elliott said the three-and-a-half year old peekapoo started acting strange. She took Salsa, who weighs eight […]