Protesters want Merry Christmas back

SEE VIDEO A group of Ottawa residents fed up with ‘Merry Christmas’ being replaced by politically correct greetings took to Parliament Hill Saturday. “When you tell me I can’t say Merry Christmas, you’re taking my Christ out of Christmas and you’re excluding me, so how about me?,” said Gloucester resident Bruce Strickland, carrying a […]


Ottawa rally protests UBB

Up to 1,000 people were expected, but closer to 50 actually showed up to demonstrate against usage-based billing for Internet access on Parliament Hill Saturday afternoon. The protest comes after a volatile week during which the Conservative government pledged to overturn a recent CRTC decision that would kill unlimited Internet use across the country and […]


Workers Want to be Paid

Retirement Residence Protest Employees at La Chaumiere Retirement Residence hit the bricks in protest today.  The 45 employees say they were supposed to be paid Wednesday at midnight… but they have not seen the money.  They say it’s nothing new, and they’ve had enough. Liberty Assisted Living runs the operation, and workers say on top […]