Some parents spooked by sex offenders on Halloween

SEE VIDEO: Judging by city laws in the U.S., there’s nothing scarier than letting registered sex offenders hand out candy to kids on Halloween. Several counties in Virginia are taking part in an initiative dubbed Operation Porch Lights Out, which bans pedophiles from distributing candy, decorating their homes, turning their porch lights on, even […]


Cops crack down on unlicensed security guards

SEE VIDEO Cops are busting unlicensed security guards and businesses for hiring them, but the owner of an Ottawa security company says the province is to blame. “It takes, right now, about three months for a security guard to get their licence, which is absurd,” said the owner, who doesn’t want to be named. […]


Dangerous curve near ‘Garage Mahal’ worries motorists

SEE VIDEO Every time he leaves work, Stephen Wardlaw obsesses over turning right or left onto Industrial Ave. near St. Laurent Blvd. “It’s terrible. The traffic is coming in the other way, you come out, you put your signal on, there’s nobody there,” said Wardlaw. “By the time you go to pull in, there’s […]