Heron Gate getting cleaned up: Residents

SEE VIDEO Mavis Finnamore finally has a working fridge and the long-time Heron Gate resident says things are looking better for residents in her south Ottawa housing complex. Four months ago, trash was piled up everywhere but now TransGlobe, which owns the property, has been ensuring dumpsters are emptied regularly. “They have definitely stepped […]


Carleton U inherits massive record collection

SEE VIDEO Carleton University is the new home of a massive collection of sound recordings and music memorabilia from renowned music critic and journalist Jacob Siskind. “The quantity of material is just awe-inspiring,” said Patti Harper, department head of archives and research collections. The donation includes 20,000 LPS, 8,000 CDs, 3,000 78 RPM records, […]


City’s tallest building planned for Little Italy

SEE VIDEO The idea of a 35-storey condo tower in Little Italy is getting mixed reviews from residents and retailers. “It depends, I mean if it’s a nice looking building I’m sure it won’t be an eyesore but it is going to be tall,” said Jeff Jacques from Slan Printing. “You certainly won’t be […]