Cops bust illegal workers in Ottawa-Gatineau

SEE VIDEO The Canada Border Services Agency raided eight shopping centres in Ottawa and Gatineau Monday, arresting 30 suspected illegal workers — 15 in each city — at kiosks selling beauty products. A booth called Seacret is set up on the main floor at Bayshore, and witnesses tell the Sun they saw one man […]


‘Tremendous’ cleaner steams ahead into retirement

SEE VIDEO Bruce Hillary scrupulously examines a pair of red trousers, looking for salt stains. When he finds one, he blasts the pants with a steam gun then moves on to the next pair. At 73, he weaves his way around the plant like someone half his age. And after 48 years of laundering, […]


City’s tallest building planned for Little Italy

SEE VIDEO The idea of a 35-storey condo tower in Little Italy is getting mixed reviews from residents and retailers. “It depends, I mean if it’s a nice looking building I’m sure it won’t be an eyesore but it is going to be tall,” said Jeff Jacques from Slan Printing. “You certainly won’t be […]