alex munter

Area hospitals bursting at the seams

SEE VIDEO Acute-care beds at area hospitals are increasingly unavailable, making for cancelled surgeries and longer emergency room wait times. That’s because an alarming number of seniors are using them who should be in long-term care. Currently about 3,300 people in the Champlain region are waiting for long-term care beds at home and in […]


Mental health walk-in clinic a saviour for stressed teens

SEE VIDEO For teenagers like Leo Nuhijaj, juggling responsibilities isn’t easy. “I have basketball, then after basketball I have work, then after work I have to study for my exams and summatives. So it’s really stressful,” Nuhijaj, 16, said. To help stressed out teens, the Youth Services Bureau (YSB) is launching a free mental […]


Young parents prep for 9-to-5

SEE VIDEO Twenty-one-year old Amanda is used to reading stories to her daughters, Annabella, 4, and Kendra, 1. But now she’s ready to re-enter the workforce and have adult conversation. “It’s very, very exciting to anticipate my first paycheque that comes with my name on it,” she said. The Young Parent Employment Program is […]