Kelly likes to think she’s a risk-taker. But never so daring to leave a job and city – with nothing lined up – and return home.

“Go big or go home,” she says, grinning. It was time to come back.

After all, she’s grilled politicians, covered elections, murders and other high-profile events, been threatened by a biker, spat on, sworn at, and received hate mail often enough to be dumbfounded when a note spewing nothing but praise lands in her Inbox.

Daily news reporting will harden you like that. And give you a twisted sense of humour. Newspaper, TV, magazine, sports, multimedia, content marketing, food reviews, promotional/marketing materials, ghostwriting, sponsored content … Kelly’s done it all, and done it well. Invite her to lunch or tea if you’d like to hear more.

One Comment

  1. florence sooley

    Hi Kelly
    I read your story about the lady who had her dog poisoned. When I saw the picture of the dog it looked just like my Charlie who is a 16 year old Peekapoo. I am greatly sorrowed that someone would not delibrety do this to a dog but it does happen. I was wondering if you could get in touch with Mrs Elliott for me and and give her my email address. I would like to know where she got her dogs. My Charlie is 16 and we don’t think she is going to live much longer. We love the breed so much we would really like to get another one.

    Thank you so much
    Florence Sooley

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