Nose-biting Shih Tzu won’t be put down

The city’s bylaw department is allowing the Shih Tzu that ripped out a chunk of a Home Depot employee’s nose to live.

“I’m happy because he’s not a vicious dog,” said owner Odette Fournier.

Home Depot greeter Anne Riel was attacked by Spot on April 15 while working at the east-end store.

Riel wanted the dog put down after needing seven stitches and surgery.

Riel said her nose is healing but the mental scars are not.

“The nightmares are horrid,” said Riel. “Emotionally, I’m just burnt to a crisp.”

Riel — a single mom of two — said she’s missed a lot of work.

Despite signs saying otherwise, pets were frequently allowed inside the big-box store.

About a week after the incident, the company issued a statement saying it would ban pets from all stores in Canada.

Meanwhile, the city’s bylaw department handed Fournier a $610 fine.

Fournier, 65, was also ordered to keep her 12-year-old dog, Spot, muzzled at all times in public.

“Mon chien is not too happy,” about the muzzle, said Fournier, who is contesting the charges.

“He can only wear it for 30 minutes at a time.”

Fournier said a court date has not been set.


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