MP Gallant apologizes for ‘Igaffi’ tweet

Call it an UnPC move by a PC member.

The federal incumbent for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke is apologizing to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff after tweeting a comment likening his name to Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

An 84-character post on Conservative incumbent Cheryl Gallant’s Twitter page reads: “@M_Ignatieff, sorry about remark on day 1. No place in debate about ideas and values.”

Iggy’s page didn’t immediately acknowledge it in the Twitter-verse.

Gallant initially posted an inflammatory tweet on March 28 while campaigning at the Renfrew Home Show.

It has now been removed — but not before it was captured:

“Wilmer Verch had super efficient wood furnaces @ Renfrew Home Show. No carbon tax please, Igaffi!”

Calls to Gallant’s constituency office were routed to her campaign manager, Brendan Mulvihill.

“She said directly to Mr. Ignatieff she’s sorry for the remark and I guess she’s sorry,” he said.

Passing the buck to Papineau Liberal incumbent Justin Trudeau, Mulvihill said, “I was wondering if Trudeau is going to apologize for calling Cheryl a twit?”

A message on Trudeau’s page reads: “CPC can’t muzzle twits, but will try after @kenneyjason “work ethnic”, @cherylgallant “Igaffi”, @SenatorJake pathetic reporters. I miss any?”

Follow the drama on Twitter: @cherylgallant and @justinpjtrudeau

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