Keeping’s fundraising efforts ‘bowl’ people over

Talk about taking one for the team.

Bob Hall filled in as The Cougars’ sixth man on a women’s bowling team Sunday afternoon.

“These ladies are really good,” said the Carleton Place resident.

“I get to carry the shoes.”

It was all for a great cause: the 17th annual Max Keeping Birthdate Bowlathon at the Merivale Bowling Centre.

This year’s event attracted about 450 people.

Hall also scored major points with partner, Judy McLellan, for filling in at the last minute.

“The idea is, a couple of hours of fun for you equals a year of fun for kids,” Keeping told the Sun.

The legendary broadcaster’s foundation continues to raise money for disadvantaged children and their families in the region.

“Last year we did $103,000 and that translates into 200 children.”

Allister Aitken, 11, and his family attended their first Birthdate Bowlathon representing Team Cornwall.

“It feels great (to help other kids),” said Aitken.

They’re going home with the birthday bash prize which includes a Monopoly boardgame and tickets to Calypso amusement park and the Ottawa International Children’s Festival.

“I feel good, really excited,” Aitken said.

Over 16 years, the event has raised more than $1.5 million.

Keeping turns 69 on April 1.

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