Iran urges probe into teen’s death

Iran is calling on the federal government to probe the Dec. 6 murder of 16-year-old Iranian-Canadian Yazdan Ghiasvand Ghiasi, foreign affairs confirmed Monday.

Spokeswoman Laura Markle said Canada’s charge d’affaires spoke to Iranian officials over the weekend.

“The charge reassured the Iranian authorities that a criminal investigation is underway and that we deplore any criminal act, particularly when a life is lost,” said Markle.

Three men are in custody in the shooting death of Ghiasi, whose body was dumped on Booth St. in broad daylight.

Abdulhamid Wehbe, 20, is charged with second-degree murder.

Khaled Wehbe, 19, and Zakaria Dourhnou, 18, are both charged with accessory to murder.

Ottawa police say he was a small-time pot dealer and a disagreement over it left the 16-year-old high school athlete dead on a sidewalk.

Regardless of the nationalities of those involved, Markle said, all crimes of this nature are taken seriously by the Canadian judicial system.

“Local authorities will investigate and prosecute this case based on the evidence in a fair and transparent manner,” Markle said.

Foreign affairs also offered condolences to Ghiasi’s family.

Iran issued a travel advisory against travelling to Canada in November, citing anti-Islamic sentiments.

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